What matters to us

What we do matters, but why we do it and how we do it matters just as much.



We believe everyone has a built-in, unshakeable worth of 10 out of 10. No one is worth-less. Regardless of circumstances, behaviour or background – you (everyone) bring a unique awesomeness to the world. We want to see that flourish – mentally, emotionally, relationally, spiritually. You’re a masterpiece-in-progress. You already know this to be true.



Author Steven Covey once said ‘Start with the end in mind’. For us, this means a mentor and young person need to get ‘why’ mentoring is happening. “What do you really want?” is a good question for starters. Broadly speaking, mentors are there to reduce distress, help a young person build their own resilience and make space for them to achieve more.



Mentoring is dynamic, not static. Things change. There are ups and downs and – sorry about this but… - there are no short cuts. Whilst mentors keep the ‘outcomes’ (the desired end results) in mind, it’s even more vital to trust the process. That’s right, trust it, every single step into the unknown. All the listening, reflecting, questioning, talking, problem-solving and strategy-finding matters. The process is a goal in itself.



Mentoring is not a magic wand. Solutions are not conjured up at the flick of a switch. When the purpose is clear (‘why this is happening’) and the process is trusted (‘how we do this’), the nitty gritty of mentoring can help propel young people forwards in their lives. We find the answer is usually in the room – it’s about paying attention.






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